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  • Bex Meagher

    Bex Meagher

    Living life at the intersection of tech, design, & parenthood. Cultivating connection, empathy, & advocacy through storytelling & data.

  • Mitchel Resnick

    Mitchel Resnick

    Professor of Learning Research at MIT Media Lab, director of Lifelong Kindergarten research group, and founder of the Scratch project (http://scratch.mit.edu)

  • Krista Moroder

    Krista Moroder

    Wisconsin native in San Francisco. Working at the intersection of education, technology, and storytelling.

  • Fits and Starts

    Fits and Starts

    A blog about life, leadership and startups, authored by Naithan Jones / twitter: @naithanjones

  • Eat a Peach for Love

    Eat a Peach for Love

    There is no devil just god when he's drunk.

  • Purpose


    Purpose serves a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, and citizens who believe companies should remain independent and purpose-driven.

  • Martin Alvarez

    Martin Alvarez

    Martin Alvarez is the Chief Commercial Officer at LTSE and has over 20 years of capital markets experience.

  • Michelle Greene

    Michelle Greene

    President at the Long-Term Stock Exchange

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